Real William Hill no Deposit Bonus


William Hill are one of the biggest online bookies and they do have no deposit bonuses available. In fact I’m looking at a working no deposit offer on William Hill right as I type this. But the problem is there are so many websites out there who are just straight up lying about the offers they have and even if they’re being honest these offers change so often. Get William Hill promo code at

On top of that if you follow an old link you might get locked into a different offer (if you’re getting any kind of offer at all at that point).

So this is the point where I give you a link myself, right? Wrong. I’m going to do something better.

william hill promo code

Betting With William Hill

William Hill are tricky to talk about when it comes to strategy and offers because they honestly have so many. They have free bets, free casino offers, free poker stuff, free bingo stuff and free scratch cards. There’s probably more it can be pretty hard to keep track. Betfred might claim the title “the bonus kings” but William Hill is the one tossing around the bonus offers.

They also have some great prices and are worth having in your betting arsenal either way.

William Hill Bonus Strategy

Normally when we’re looking at a bookmaker offer we look at the strategy on how to get the most out of it. But in this case there are just so many different types of offers. So we’ll look at the strategy for the no deposit bonus. If you want to take advantage of the best offers just go with whatever is on Bookie Monster and you can follow the no deposit free bet strategy page if you want to take advantage of their free bets for example.

Keep in mind these offers do change constantly (thus the software) but the current William Hill no deposit offer is a £5 casino bonus.

The strategy for this bonus is pretty straight forward. Sign up through the correct link (you can use the Get! button on Bookie Monster or try to find a working link online). Note that this is a bonus for new customers only (we’re going to take a look in a moment at existing customers and if you already have a William Hill account you can always use the Bookie Monster to find other offers elsewhere).

Get your William Hill bonus codes soon as you can.

No deposit bonuses are usually pretty straight forward offers. In this case you’re getting £5 to spend on the casino. In order to turn the bonus into real money you need to complete the wagering requirements. In this case the wagering is in two parts (a little unusual but not a big deal).

You need to wager the bonus x20 (so in this case it’s £100 worth of staking). The T&C’s are actually copied and pasted from another offer because the T&C’s actually say deposit + bonus x20 and there is no deposit.
You need to complete 50 bets minimum in order to withdraw. This doesn’t really change the strategy all that much since we’d likely have to do this anyway.
Other than that our strategy is pretty straight forward for these offers. And our standard strategy is made pretty straight forward by the Bookie Monster algorithm.

If the wagering requirements is showing as none or low then you want to play minimum stakes and a lot of them.
If the wagering his medium or high you want to play higher stakes and try to grow your balance. Medium wagering needs to double the bonus high needs at least x3. After that revert to small stakes to complete wagering.
Stick to the popular games because they usually have a better return rate. The only small amendment here is to make sure you’re placing at least 50 bets while completing the wagering. This is pretty likely to happen anyway but if you’re not sure just open the game and click on history.

Keep in mind if you do deposit for whatever reason while doing this offer you want to finish the wagering for the bonus before making a withdrawal or you forfeit the bonus. Not a big deal just something to keep in mind.

The best strategy when it comes to bonus offers is to do as many as you can. So once you’ve finished with this offer there are loads of others to move on to (both on William Hill and elsewhere).

William Hill Sign Up Free Bet

So the no deposit bonus at the moment is a casino bonus but William Hill does a lot of free bet offers for both new and existing customers. The free bet currently advertised on the site is bet £10 and get £20 free (2x£10 free bets) while there’s another exclusive offer doing bet £50 get £50.

Both of these offers are currently showing on Bookie Monster because you decide between either. If you’re looking for a small deposit below £20 then you should use the first – anything else you should be on the 100% up to £50 offer.

The offer for this is pretty great compared to most. The minimum odds are only 1.2 (1/5) and doesn’t require a rollover. Great offer. Easy to do. Both are pretty high rated on Bookie Monster for this reason.

I won’t get too much in to the strategy of free sports bets (we’ve already covered this elsewhere) and a lot of it will come down to your own sports betting strategy and knowledge but the basics are lower odds are more likely to guarantee a return, higher stakes are the way to go if you want to shoot for a higher payout but obviously with less change of a payout. The William Hill free bets can be placed on singles or multiples.

Do keep in mind that the free bets do not return the stake which means going for complete minimum odds with a free bet is not going to make a great profit return. If you placed a £50 free bet at 1.2 you’re looking at a £60 return minus the stake (£50) so you’re getting a £10 return. So you might consider your free bet on a higher odds bet.

William Hill £50 Free Bet

The William Hill £50 free bet is not the one they offer directly on their site but is an exclusive offer. It’s a minimum deposit of £5 and maximum of £50 giving you an 100% bonus as a free bet. If you’re going to make a higher deposit than £10 this is the offer worth taking advantage of because you’re getting a better offer. We show both for people making a lower deposit amount but when possible this is the one to take.

To make sure you’re getting the latest and best offers use the app and you can sort the offers by the rating algorithm (sorted like this by default).

William Hill Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit for William Hill varies depending on your deposit method but is pretty standard. In fact it’s pretty low compared to some bookmakers (and doesn’t charge “transaction fees” which some of the worse places do). Keep in mind that if you’re taking advantage of a first deposit offer you want to take advantage of this when possible so if you can get the £50 free bet offer by depositing £50 this does offer the best bonus.

William Hill also (like most bookies) are trying to link their online betting with the shops and have their William Hill Quick Cash but keep in mind that for first deposit bonuses some payment types won’t count. In general credit cards or quick cash won’t work you’ll need to deposit with a debit card but check the terms for each offer.

Debit Card Minimum: £5

Credit Card Minimum: £5

PayPal Minimum: £10

Skrill Minimum: £10

William Hill Promo (Bonus) Codes

When creating an account with some bookies you just need to follow the right link and you get the offer. With others if you don’t use the right promo code you won’t get the offer. William Hill is the latter.

When choosing an offer on Bookie Monster it’s going to tell you the offer details including the promotional bonus code and take you to a page which will tell you again. When creating an account you need to make sure that you’re using the correct promo code for the offer you want to use. If you forget you might try asking live chat but you might miss the chance at the new customer offers.

Call it what you want. Promo code. Bonus code. Voucher code. Heck call it a free pass just make sure you’re actually getting it in there.

William Hill Day Trader Promo Code

There’s been a good push over the last while for bookies to get forex markets going. William hill is no exception but they give you a £25 risk free offer when you sign up. The cool thing about William Hill is that once you’ve signed up and taken advantage of their no deposit offer and free bets you can do offers with their casino, games, scratch cards and day trader as new customers for each.

I can’t give you stock tips unfortunately but I can tell you that this offer is worth getting on


William Hill Existing Customer Bonuses

William Hill does some great no deposit and first deposit bonuses. Some of the best around and their offers are really consistent. But once you’ve created an account William Hill offer loads of offers for their existing customers. They constantly send out emails but you have coupon insurance, free bet refunds and price boosts multiple times a week. One of the best UK bookies for offers by far.

Keep in mind that once you’ve got the no deposit bonus with William Hill the whole point of Bookie Monster is you have loads of other deposit and no deposit bonuses to take advantage of. Just keep an eye of new offers and keep making the most of them. It tracks new customer bonuses for basically everywhere and existing customer offers for the major bookies including William Hill.