Profiting from Risk Free Betting 7 Days a Week

Profiting from Risk Free Betting 7 Days a Week

Back in the day before internet gambling became this big if someone said risk free betting you’d laugh (or you’d be taken for a lot of money). It used to be the idea of a risk free bet was a pipe dream pouted by those wanting to charge for their “system” or whatever they wanted to call it. Now because bookmakers have to push free bets and risk free offers to draw in the crowd it’s actually completely possible to have a risk free bet.


In fact with the amount of offers kicking around there’s risk free bets up for grabs all the time – and that’s where the Gamecare comes in.

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Risk Free Betting Offers

We need to set up some clear definitions here. Technically using a free bet token or balance from a bookie could be considered risk free. It’s one of the main things our server tracks and if you’re using our tool you’ll have plenty of these to take advantage of. There’s a good argument to say these are actually better offers in the first place.

But in this case when we’re talking about a risk free betting offers using the bookies definition. Place a bet and if you lose they give you your money back. Pretty sweet deal, right?

There can be a few variations here and there but that’s the basics.

Obviously every bet you place with a bookie will not always be risk free (that wouldn’t be a great business model now would it?) so we’re looking for specific offers for this. Technically we’re doing the looking but you get the idea. Sometimes they’ll be on smaller events but most risk free offers will be on the bigger events. I’m not just talking a world cup final but it’s unlikely you’ll get an offer on some low rank U21 teams playing.

The offer goes like this 99% of the time:

  1. Place a bet normally on a game. Usually up to £25 or £50 (the amount you bet will set your risk free bet limit) sometimes this can be limited to certain odds for example nothing below 1.5
  2. You can then place another bet on the same game (using your own balance) and if you win great! If you don’t you get your stake money back.

The usual variations can be:

  1. Sometimes your free bet will need to be placed in-play (when the event is happening).
  2. Sometimes (with the lesser offers) you might have a wagering requirement which means playing with your refund at least once before you’re able to withdraw it.
  3. Some offers will get you to bet £100 to get £20 risk free for example. These offers are obviously not as good as an 100% bonus (which is why they’re lower rated on Bookie Monster) but that’s still a £20 risk free bet at the end of the day.risk-free-bet

These offers turn up constantly. Some are specifically for new customers while others are for the existing punters. Today (at the time this guide is going live) there are a half dozen offers available for the Arsenal v Bayern Munich match. You can hunt for yourself or use the tool to find the available and upcoming offers.

Risk Free Betting Strategies

Our strategy for risk free bets are pretty simple to the strategy for no deposit bets with a few exceptions.

  1. You need your own balance for most of these offers rather than a separate free bet token so you need to make sure you’re depositing enough.
  2. Be mindful if there’s rollover requirements you’ll need to play with the balance a couple of times before being able to withdraw.
  3. If your risk free bet needs to be placed in-play you need to be on the ball (no pun intended – honestly) to get a price you like – those odds can move quickly.

Place your first normal bet on whichever result you like (keeping in mind if there’s a minimum odds requirement to qualify for the offer). You can place this on low or high odds that’s entirely your call the only difference between your normal betting strategy here should be making sure the odds are high enough to qualify and that’s usually not hard because the offers are usually 1.5 or evens if there’s a requirement at all.

Then place the risk free. Some bookies will require you to click the button to say “this is my risk free bet” on the betslip others will not so keep an eye out for that. Sometimes it will look just like placing a normal bet but if you don’t win you’ll get a refund back to your balance usually within 24-48 hours. If you win you don’t need to do anything else.

Free Bet vs a Risk Free Bet

The two are pretty similar apart from a free bet will show up as a bonus balance or token whereas a free bet will be your own capital. This means you need to invest a little more capital (at least short term) into doing these offers.

Offers can vary with the rules to change things but in general? They’re pretty similar at the end of the day. Given the choice I’d usually take a free bet if everything is even but a good offer is a good offer. As a good rule of thumb if the Bookie Monster is showing up with the offer then it’s a good offer. Don’t worry too much about the semantics and just enjoy betting for free.


There are some fairly common variations to the standard risk free bet which gives you 100% of your stake back. There are offers giving you anywhere from 20-50% back these pop up from time to time on sports betting but they’re pretty common for casino offers. These are not as risk free of course because you’re still getting a good deal here because your winnings are your own while your losses are cut down.