Hundreds of Free Scratch Cards No Deposit Win Real Money

scratch_cards_no_deposit-300x204Scratch cards are pretty different to the usual no deposit offers you get but they’re a good one to start with. They’re fun, they’re simple and (if you’re getting good offers) you get plenty of free scratch cards no deposit required offers to choose from.

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They don’t require complex strategies or specific sports knowledge and they can lead to some pretty big wins.

Get Free Scratch Cards with No Deposit

Online no deposit offers change so often. Most websites give outdated or fake links and if you do get an offer you might only get a few pounds or a few scratch cards.

We’ve developed our unique program and algorithm (which we dub Bookie Monster) which not only finds all of the best scratch card offers – but it gets you the most out of each offer.

On top of that it also finds you free slot spins, free sports bets and literally thousands of pounds in free bonus cash. Did I mention it’s always constantly updating so you have loads to do and there’s always more being added?

Oh and it’s free. I mean ‘jus saying.

I mean I’m not biased or anything but we do happen to have the best no deposit scratch card offers and a ton of offer offers with every bookie and casino worth looking at.

You can go looking for yourself and get worse offers or…

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

free_scratch_card-300x220Online scratch cards have pretty simple settings.  Select your stake (if you’re playing with a no deposit bonus this is from your bonus balance so you can decide if you want to scratch it all in one big one or spread it out) then hitting a button to load the scratch card (in this case PLAY!). We’ll look at a basic strategy for choosing your stake in a moment but first let’s focus on getting you up and running.

Specific scratch card games might have additional options. This can range from selecting a special cell to have a higher chance of containing a certain symbol type or setting wild cells. These can increase your chance of winning but also increase your bet price. So it’s a bit of a risk v reward and can be very game specific.

When it comes to the scratching itself some games will just need a click (or tap if you’re on mobile) while others require you to digitally scratch off the covering image. The usual rule is match three images on the card for a win. The rarer the match the bigger the win.
For example you can see in the image here that three bananas get you x1 so with a stake of £3 you’d get £3 back. Three gold coins gets you x50 which would get you £150 and it goes a lot higher than that. Once you match three the game will automatically tell you if you’ve won (so you don’t accidentally miss a winning scratch card).

Here’s an example from playing a no deposit scratch card offer. I was using small 30p stakes to play through and hitting a lot of small wins like this which were adding up. The game highlights the wins by itself.

It’s up to you if you wan to use bigger stakes. It’s basic risk v reward stuff. The higher the stakes the more you can win if you get a match but the less chances you have of actually getting the match. So what is the basic strategy when playing free scratch card offers?

Scratch Card No Deposit Strategy

Well the first (and most important) strategy is pretty simple. Play them. There are so many of these offers you could be doing and you should take advantage of every single one. If you don’t play – you can’t win and when you have so many offers to take advantage of then you’re leaving so much money just sitting there by not trying.

The Bookie Monster software finds the best offers (including the latest scratch card no deposit ones) and hands them straight to you.

Now that we have the obvious ones out of the way, what should you actually be doing?

First up these are suggestions. If there’s a certain way you want to do it then go right ahead and do it your way. If you have a way you enjoy or you think works for you then by all means do it up. The basic strategy we look at here is based on the math and understanding of how the online scratch cards work.

The rules are pretty simple. If the no deposit offer doesn’t restrict you to a specific scratch card (some do and others don’t) then you can take your time and pick the right one. Picking the right scratch card can mean picking one with a specific rule sets which suits your needs (such as lots of wilds for frequent small wins) or looking at the math and Return to Player (RTP). Most bookies and casino sites show the RTP in the help section. This is a rough % of the return rates of the scratch cards. Basically the higher this is – the more the scratch card will pay out.


Once you’ve got the game you need to select your stake. It’s up to you if you want to spin your entire no deposit balance on one scratch or spread it out. You can break it down to the minimum stake and get lots of small spins – or go somewhere in the middle.

In general go by the wagering requirements. The Bookie Monster tool will rate the wagering requirements by none, low, medium or high. The lower the requirements the better the offer basically. If the requirements are low then your best bet is to do lots of small scratches. You won’t hit many big wins but the goal is to make lots of small wins until you complete your wagering requirements.

If the wagering requirements for the scratch card offer is higher then you’ll need to build up that balance before getting through the wagering. Lots of small scratches might work here but in general I’d suggest increasing your stake to 5-10% of your balance and scratching going for a bigger balance. If you get this then reduce the stake and wager through the rest of the balance with minimum stakes.

Again this is just a suggestion. Do as you like just enjoy it.

Alternatives to No Deposit Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be fun but they’re not the best or most common type of online offer. The Bookie Monster software tracks all sorts from free sports bets to free slots with no deposit offers as well. These work pretty much the same way as a no deposit scratch card you just play them on slot machines instead of scratch cards. The tactics can change a little (we do cover strategy) as slot machines have an extra option or two over scratch cards but these are really worth doing once you’ve finished all the scratch card offers currently available.

Also keep in mind that, because of the way the software works, you should keep checking back. We track so many different types of offers on hundreds of sites constantly that even if you do complete all of the scratch card offers today there might be a new one (or a bunch) in a day or two. It would take hours to check every single scratch card offer online to see if it’s decent. That’s why the servers do the boring work for us. 

Even if you don’t like any of the other offers (sports bets or free spins etc…) plenty of places offer their existing customers free scratch cards or risk free scratch cards. Slightly different but pretty much the same thing these are generally offered to existing customers by email. So if you have an account with somewhere and you’ve used their scratch cards make sure you keep an eye on your email inbox.

A free scratch card is the equivalent to a free spin on a slot machine. They give you a free credit, you follow the link and scratch for free. If you win you might (depending on the offer) have to roll the winnings over (which means playing with them a while before you can withdraw) and you can usually do this on slot machines or continue using them on scratch cards. If you don’t want to bother that’s perfectly fine too but it’s free money and gives you a good chance at a big win. It’s a good addition to just getting a no deposit scratch card offer and leaving it at that.