Free Fruit Machine Games win Real Money

Definitions can vary a little when it comes to what you consider fruit machines and then again when it comes to free fruit machine games.

Bonus codes

So first up when we’re talking about free fruit machine games I don’t mean the free to play nonsense where you get a million pounds in bonus cash but it doesn’t matter what happens win or lose. These are pretty pointless and you don’t win anything. I can understand the appeal in playing for free without having to deposit and put your cash at risk but that’s where the Bookie Monster comes in.

Difference in Fruit Machines and Slot Games

free_fruit_machine_game-246x300So that should hopefully clear things up a little. I’m not talking about “free play” fruit machines but instead playing real fruit machines with free bonus cash.

But we also have the difference between fruit machines and slot games.

By actual definition there’s no difference in the common casino slots and games we have now and fruit machines. By basic definition they’re the same thing but it’s usually just a technological difference. Slots and casino games (which are the same thing – just given different titles except table casino games) are just the modern name given to flashier looking fruit machines.

So we’ve already covered the kind of free slots no deposit offers and the strategies elsewhere. The reality is these are basically the same things are fruit machines they’re just the more common name and Bookie Monster treats them both the same. In fact most offers which give you a bonus balance for free slot spins can also be used on the older fruit machine games.

The only real difference with the strategy is that the older fruit machine games don’t have access to the same features as the newer one. You can’t lock in wild lines etc…

You also generally get less control with your stake sizes. You can see in the Treasures of Egypt example you can select the number of lines but not the stake size which is preset. Since the games are still based on the same Return to Player system it doesn’t really matter. To be honest it doesn’t matter if you put everything on one spin or split it all between small spins.

It will change the variance as how often you will be able to withdraw but if an offer is good then an offer is good.

Playing Free Fruit Machines

Personally I’d suggest playing it on a new game when possible but if you prefer the old fruit machines then just keep an eye out for the free slot offers that don’t restrict you to a specific game then just look back for the older ones. These days most sites will sort the most popular games to the front which is rarely the old fruit machines. You have to look a bit further back (or sort by game age) to find the older ones.

It can also mean a lower RTP because the most popular games tend to be the ones which return more. As it’s become more competitive they’ve started to offer higher RTP games to try and compete with each other which wasn’t really the case a few years ago.

But if you think you have a strategy which works for you or you just like the older fruit machine games then by all means go for it.