Hundreds of Free Bets no Deposit Offers

The best way to get yourself started building a betting bankroll is to start taking advantage of free bets. Specifically starting with free bets no deposit offers.

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There’s a lot of different types of free bets (which we’ll cover here) and a lot of different strategies on using them (which we’ll also cover here). But if you’d rather not bother with all of the techniques and game theory then you can download the Bookie Monster tool which constantly scans all types of free gambling offers. It finds the latest working free bets, spins and bonuses for you to take advantage of so you can build your bankroll.

Bookie Monster is free and guarantees you get the the best offer available from reliable bookies and casino’s who will pay out. We filter out useless offers and our algorithm picks out the best offer so you get the most out of your signup. It’s also constantly updating allowing you to get new offers to keep taking advantage of.

Completely Free Bets no Deposit

Getting to make a free sports bet without a deposit is a great way to build up a betting bankroll (or just make a little profit) without any risk to yourself. This bookmarkers bonus is offered as an incentive to get people to join. They’re simple to use and just require you to signup an account and you’re credited the free bet. Note that this is a free bet (not just something you can immediately withdraw) and each offer will differ slightly.

They’re the easiest to do and the easiest math to deal with when it comes to working out if an offer is worth doing (although the math really is dull which is why it’s better to let the software deal with that).

Some offers will require you to place your bet above and/or below certain odds and will usually have a wagering requirement meaning you need to play through your winnings a certain amount of times before you can withdraw or use the balance elsewhere. So for example if you get a Ladbrokes £25 free bet and you win £100 from that free bet they might want you to wager that £100 two or three times before you can withdraw. That’s where knowing a good free bet strategy comes in.

Some free bets like the one we looked at in the William Hill no deposit offer section doesn’t have a wagering requirement. The Bookie Monster software will track the wagering requirements and rate them appropriately. So keep this in mind that your strategy will change depending on the offer you’re doing and the requirements of the offer.

The Strategy for Free Bets

Firstly the strategy for finding free bets with no deposit is easy. Use our tool. Most sites telling people they have free no deposit bets haven’t updated in over a year when most bookies change their promotions pretty damn often. This means you’re getting a worse offer – if you even get one at all. Ours updates multiple times throughout the day automatically getting the best offer using our algorithm which takes requirements, bonus size, minimum odds and wagering requirements. We also make it really easy to sort the best ones out.

If you don’t want to use the software we do link some of the best offers on the homepage but this doesn’t update as quickly as the software. You can try and look for offers yourself but it’s a minefield of broken links, dead offers and if you do go through the wrong link they won’t credit you with the free bets.

But assuming you’re using the tool let’s have a look at the best way to use your free bets.

A free bet will come in one of two forms. It’ll either be a free bet token or a free bet balance (also known as a bonus balance). A free bet token has a set value and can’t be split up. For example a £10 free bet token can be used as one £10 free bet and that’s it. Winnings will then usually go into a bonus balance. Some free bet offers will also just give you a bonus balance.

This means more flexibility. You’ll still need to bet above and below the set odds restrictions (generally anything above 3/4 and below 9/1 is good but always check the terms and conditions as this can vary). Different offers give you different types of free bets. You can’t judge a free bet by its cover.

The two main types of a free bet is a Stake Returned (SR) or a Stake Not Returned (SNR). The clue is kind of in the name. If you’re placing a £50 free bet with a stake returned you get £50 back (the stake) and the winnings from the bet. If it’s a Stake Not Returned bet then you get the winnings but not the original stake.

This changes the strategy a little depending on which one you get. A stake returned bet can be placed on low odds and still give a pretty good return. Most free bets are stake not returned and will only make a few pence on the pound if you’re betting a really heavy favourite, so you might want to place it on a higher price outcome to get a good return.

There are two main strategies you can adopt with a free no deposit bet. Which you go for will really depend on what you’re looking to do and your betting knowledge already.

Strategy #1

Strategy #1 involves a good understanding of the sports market you’re looking at. Be it football or table tennis as long as you understand what you’re betting on and can get a rough likelihood of an outcome. You need to set emotional attachment aside and gauge for yourself if you think an event is likely. Then you need to compare it against the current price (odds) the bookmaker is offering.

Do they have a high price on a likely outcome? Then this is a good bet to take.

You’ll need to consider your bonus balance as a bankroll when placing your bet. You might consider putting a good chunk (or in some cases all) of your bankroll on a single bet but in general if you have the freedom to use your bonus balance you should split it up between smaller bets.

My advice is no more than 10% of your bankroll on each bet. You don’t want it too high that a poor result will take you out of the game but you want to take good advantage of a high price. It also depends on the free betting offer. If the wagering requirement (or rollover as it’s also known) is really that high it then you’ll need to grow the balance before you can consider turning it into cash. This generally means starting with the bigger bets and then spreading it into multiple smaller ones.

Strategy #2

The second strategy doesn’t require much of a sports betting knowledge because we’re basically following the knowledge of the traders at the bookmakers. If you’re getting a free sports bet with no deposit just to add a little fun to watching a sports event and you don’t really know the likely outcome of something this is the way to go.

There’s two ways to look at this. First the math way:

In general odds dictate a % chance of an event happening. Known as the implied odds. As a rough example you want to divide 1 by the decimal odds (you can get calculators to do this or just divide the first number by the second in a fractional odd and add one so for example 4/1 is 4/1 = 4 + 1 so decimal odds are 5) and then x100.

So a horse at 3/2 odds for example. We’d get the decimal odds by dividing 3 by 2 (1.5) and then adding 1 (2.5). Now we divide 1 by the decimal odds so 1/2.5 = 0.4 and x100 to get the % in this case 40%.

But you can also forget the maths:

In general lower odds means a better chance of an event happening. There’s a reason you don’t get paid as much for the favourite winning because they’re likely to win.

These are not completely exact because the numbers also account for the profit a bookie wants to make but it can give you a basic idea of what the traders expect to happen. You can use this to your advantage by placing your free bets on likely outcomes based on what the traders think will happen.

So if for example there’s a horse race with a small field and the favourite is maybe 20-30% ahead on the others that can be a great way to grind through your wagering requirements.

Risk Free Deposit Bets

These work a little bit differently to the standard free no deposit bets the software hunts for.

A risk free bet (the clue is kind of in the name) is one where if you win you win. Cool. Easy money. If you lose then the bookie either gives you a refund or a free bet to replace it.

A free bet replacement is a little less valuable because you can’t immediately withdraw it and you’re limited to certain odds but it’s still a valuable offer worth doing. Again this is a numbers game. If an offer is worth doing it’s worth doing 1000 times.

Some of these are absolutely amazing and 100% worth doing. Others (usually from the smaller shadier companies) should be avoided at all costs. We look at a lot of factors when determining which ones are worth doing including the stake, return, wagering requirements (if any), odds limits as well as who regulates the bookies and how reliable they are. The software won’t show even the best offer if it doesn’t believe the bookie is reliable enough to honor the risk free bet.

There has never been a case where an offer the tool has displayed hasn’t worked. We’re very risk free with our risk free bets. 

We recently gave a bit of coverage to the Bet365 promo codes they offer to new and existing customers. Aside from being currently the biggest online bookmaker they are probably the biggest for giving out risk free bets. One difference which you might want to think about is the capital requirement for this kind of offer. While getting bonus funds just gives you extra capital in your account which you can freely bet with a risk free bet requires you to deposit again.

So for example if I bet £50 with Bet365 and I’m given a £50 risk free bet that requires me to either have or deposit another £50 into my account in order to place that bet. Sure if it loses I get that £50 back and I’m by no means saying these offers are not worth doing but it does require that extra capital available and it’s worth keeping in mind when it comes to managing your betting bankroll properly.

Exclusive Free No Deposit Competitions

So while some bookmakers will specifically give you free bets for just signup up – others won’t. In some cases we’ve managed to bug them into giving us an exclusive offer through the tool and in other cases we take it into our own hands.

If a bookmaker won’t offer a free bet with no deposit and we think it’s an account worth having because they offer good prices here’s what we’ll do. If you signup through the tool we’ll be running prediction competitions. Predict a correct score or outcome of a game and we’ll either get you credited the free bet or give you the deposit ourselves.

Amazing Free Bets for Small Deposits

Now once you’ve done all the free bets without a deposit and you’ve signed up and are getting free bets with our competitions we also have a filter on the tool looking for free bet offers which do require a deposit. These work a little differently but the bookie is still practically handing you money so it’s kind of  hard to say no.

The offers will vary between bookies but offers like this generally is deposit and bet £5 and they’ll give you £20 free bet (whether you win or lose). This makes for amazing value because you’re only “risking” a few quid (which you can bet on a very heavy favourite to win) to get much more. The wagering requirements for these are usually either very low or non existent meaning it’s so easy to get profit and withdraw it.

A pretty standard one we took a look at was the bwin free bet. Like any offer it can (and probably will) change over time but it’s a pretty standard welcome bet. If you deposit and bet £30 you get a free £30 bet to make as well. Some are even better like bet £5 and get £20 while others can be closer to bet £100 and get £50 but that’s still really worth doing when you think about it. The Stan James free bet standard is pretty small usually bet £10 get £10 though does sometimes boost up to bet £50 get £50. In reality this is the same offer with 100% of a boost it just means a higher limit per signup.

Skybet has an offer which is a little hit and miss at the moment sometimes it’s on offer and other times it’s not (again – this is why we use software to track these things) which is deposit and bet £5 for a £20 free bet. Great offer. Well worth taking advantage of for sure. But, as we cover in the Skybet promo code section, your free bet strategy can also vary depending on the offer you take. That offer is great if you’re going for small deposits but they also have a much bigger bet £50 get £50 offer which gives you a much better bonus – if you’re depositing a higher amount. So it’s worth remembering that a low deposit isn’t always the way to go if you want to get the most out of your sign up offer.

Some of these types of bets are exclusive to new customers while others are offered to existing ones. And the more you sign up and take advantage of the new customer ones the more existing ones you can get access to as well.

Free Casino Spins and More

I’m just a real big fan of the word “free” almost as much as I am the term “free gambling”. While we have a huge chunk of free bets no deposit offers tracking constantly we also have casino spins as well as bingo and poker bankrolls for free. And since we’re constantly updating and finding more there’s always loads for you to choose from.

Our latest patch included some new offers including the Winner promo codes for new and existing customers. They also provide a great example for what most Bookies are doing at the moment. You can signup to take advantage of their free bet offer, they then give you a no deposit slot offer, followed by a first deposit casino offer and then weekly loyalty bonuses existing customers can take advantage of constantly. There’s a lot of competition online and the more they compete with each other on multiple fronts (in this case Winner offers Sports betting, casino, bingo and poker offers) the more offers we get.

You can keep everything separate or, for example, if you were trying to build up a betting balance to get into sports betting you can take advantage of other offers and transfer them into a sportsbook. I’m not a great poker player by any stretch but I do enjoy the game and I can use a free poker no deposit offer, withdraw the balance and use it for sports betting. It’s obviously a different skill set but you can apply the basic strategies to work your way through the bonuses and there’s more than enough offers to make it worthwhile.