Best Totesport Free Bet

Best Totesport Free Bet


Most of the bookies we track for free bet offers focus pretty heavily on football while Totesport has a pretty wide range and some great horse racing offers. There’s actually a bunch of offers for Totesport free bets for both new and existing customers and this is one you should certainly be signed up to. So we’re going to take a look at the best Totesport offers and how you can get the most from them.

Bonus Codes

But first a quick warning. No doubt you’ve looked around for free bets already and you might of noticed all these sites offering different numbers? There’s a site currently claiming to get you a £1000 free bet on Totesport. Yeah. Right.

The problem with just having a site link to these offers is the offers change frequently. Some people straight up lie about the offers available and others just have old expired links. What this means is that if you follow the wrong link you might get locked into a worse offer or even get no bonus offer at all. I’ve had it happen to me when I first started online.

So that’s why we created a solution. Not only does it make sure you get a bonus – but it gets you a whole lot more.

Totesport Free Bet Welcome Offer

Bookies have a load of offers for existing customers (it’s something we track on Bookie Monster as well) but the easiest way to get a free bet is to look for a welcome offer. This is given as an incentive for you to join the site in the first place.

From time to time these offers do change but Totesport has had the same welcome offer available for a while now. Pretty standard and a decent offer.

Bet £25 and get a £25 free bet.

The terms are straight forward. Bet £1-25 (25 if you want the full free bet) at odds of 2.0 or higher on a sportsbook market (doesn’t matter which sport but can’t be Casino or Totepool for example) and you’ll get a free bet within 48 hours. Your free bet will expire after 14 days if not used (but let’s be honest who’s going to leave a free bet sitting around?) and that’s pretty much it.

Totesport Free Bet Strategy

We’ve covered our basic strategy for using a free bet in the no deposit free bet section already but we’ll look at a basic example of using a Totesport free bet and getting the most out of it.

We’re not a tipster site so we’re not going to tell you exactly what you should be betting on but we’ll cover what kind of things you’re looking for whether you’re picking for yourself or listening to a tipster.

So first of all the obvious. You’re looking for a decent bet. Not a 50/1 horse (unless you know something everyone else doesn’t) but you do need to make sure that the odds don’t go below 2.0 (keeping in mind that the odds can move so keep an eye on this right down until your bet is placed). If your first bet is a non runner you get your money back but no free bet and no other chance at getting one. This means you might either want to look at something other than horse racing or watch the horses entering the stalls to make sure they’re not looking skittish).

Hopefully we’ve got a good result with our first bet and then we’ll get the free bet to play with. The stake won’t be returned which means if your £25 free be wins £100 your return is going to be £75 (they keep the original £25 stake) so you don’t want to win £30 with a heavy, heavy favourite (since your return is going to be £5) so you might considering looking at some decent odds to get a good return from the free bet.

The most important strategy here is really pretty simple though:

  1. Have fun with it. It’s a free bet. Like playing the lottery for free you should enjoy it.
  2. There’s no reason not to!

Totesport Promo Code

There is a section on the Totesport signup page for a promo code:


And like we always say these offers do change from time to time so if Bookie Monster is telling you to enter a promo code? Then enter the promo code. But at the time of writing the offers don’t actually require you to enter a code. If you register for Totesport with the right link you’ll get a free bet regardless. The only listings we’re seeing for a promo code on Totesport are fake ones claiming all sorts of nonsense.

Totesport have it there for a reason and I’m sure there will be offers in the future which require a code but for now just leave it blank unless a (working) offer is telling you otherwise.

Totesport Offers for Existing Customers

The welcome offer is always the first place to look if you’re after a free bet. Plenty of bookies have free bet offers for existing customers and Totesport is pretty good for this.

Like most bookies they will have specific offers for existing customers on special events. Totesport are great for horse racing so events like the Grand National always have great offers with Totesport. They’ll occasionally have offers for football or something but if you look at the promotions for existing customers they usually have a bunch of offers on for horse racing.

They might change around from time to time but probably the most frequent Totesport free bet is likely from the Money Back 2nd offer. This runs most weekdays on a race or two then the Channel 4 races at the weekend have a bigger selection.


Totesport Link to Betfred

We’ve had this question a couple of times so we thought it better to clear things up here:

Yes Betfred and Totesport are technically the same company. But yes, you can be registered with both sites and get the welcome offer free bet from each. Totesport focuses more on horse racing and while Betfred has some pretty similar horse racing offers they tend to have a lot more on as well.

Other Offers

The range of sportsbook bonuses aside Totesport also has a good range of Totepool, games and Lotto offers. As with any bookie some are better than others. We use the rating system on Bookie Monster to rank the best offers but there’s some decent ones there.

The best offers Totesport have to offer are certainly with the sportsbook however.

Totesport Free Bet No Deposit

The Bookie Monster servers track a lot of free no deposit bet offers so while we have plenty of no deposit bets Totesport just doesn’t have one (at the time of writing – if they do get one it’ll show up in the tool of course) but our big issue is that it doesn’t seem to be stopping other sites claiming to have some magical link for a Totesport no deposit bonus. These scam artists are not just wasting your time but sign up through their fake links and you might not get any bonus at all – let alone the best available.

We track a lot of no deposit offers and they’re great and worth doing but the deposit offers like the standard Totesport free bet welcome offer does get you a bigger bonus without dealing with wagering requirements.