Best Paddy Power Free Bet

Best Paddy Power Free Bet


Paddy Power is one of the best bookies for free bets and a prime example of why it pays (literally) to make sure you’re getting the best offer. If you’re not betting with them you’re missing out on a whole load of free bets and if you’re just getting started with them then pay attention and we’ll make sure to get you the best bonus possible. Sign up to Paddy Power here for a £30 free bet.

You’re only going to get your welcome bonus once with a bookie so you want to make sure you’re getting a good one. You’d think this would be easy but you usually run into two main problems:

  1. Most of the free bet listings websites have are fake our outdated.

Even if you go directly to the bookies website you’re not always getting the best offer they have available.

Follow the wrong link and you wind up with a sub-par free bet (if you even get anything at all that is). So we created a solution to the problem. Actually Paddy Power was one of the first sites where we got a better free bet offer than the homepage was even showing

Check out all the Paddy Power free bets here.

Paddy Power Welcome Bonus

The first place to always check for a free bet is the welcome offer for new customers. This incentive offer to join in the first place is usually the easiest way to bag yourself a free bet (although Paddy Power are pretty generous to their existing customers as well).

As we said before these offers change a lot and in fact Paddy Power is a prime example. The homepage is currently offering a bet £10 get £30 bonus (which is great by itself) but if you go throught he right link they offer a bet £50 get £50 which requires a bigger stake but does mean a bigger free bet. Hard to say no to a bigger free bet. Get the Paddy Power bet £10 get £30 here.

If you’re using Bookie Monster it’ll give you the options and the unique rating system will show the better ones at the top. In this case there’s a good argument for either the £10 to get £30 (because of the smaller stake) or the £50 to get £50 (because you are getting a bigger free bet). You only get the welcome bonus once so make sure you’re getting the one you want.

There are sites claiming to have a free bet code or voucher but (surprise, surprise) they’re fake. You don’t need to anything specific when signing up as long as you’ve signed up through the bonus link. You do want to make sure you fight the urge to untick the ‘contact me’ boxes by default. If you leave these ticked you’ll get free bet promotion offers sent to you pretty often from them. Might as well let them send you money. 


How to Claim Paddy Power Free Bets for Existing Customers

If you can only do the welcome offer once how does Paddy Power spoil their existing customers?

With quite possibly the craziest amount of promotions any bookie has to offer. They’re the top of the priority list for our servers to check because they tend to be some of the best around. If you check under the ‘existing customer’ tab on Bookie Monster you’ll see the promotions there rated from best to worse and you can filter it to Paddy Power if you’d like (or just look at the top it is pretty rare Paddy won’t have at least one offer up there).

They frequently have free bets available for football premier league offers for in play betting. They also have horse racing refunds, extra place golf and if there’s an event on they likely have it covered with some kind of promotion. If you’re betting online and don’t have a Paddy Power account yet then you’re missing out big time. Sign up to Paddy Power here.


How to Use Paddy Power Free Bets

Paddy Power offers so many free bets you can get pretty spoiled for choice on how to get them. The question is what do you do once you actually have a free bet? Sign up to Paddy Power here.

One school of thought is that you just stick it on the first horse you see or the same football team you’re betting on normally anyway. Sure you can do this, I mean I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money… or your free bet in this case. But there are some strategies you might want to keep in mind when using your free bet.

First (and most importantly) we’re not a tipster so we’re not going to tell you what exactly you should be betting on.  Instead we’re going to tell you what to look for when you’re placing your bets.

It should be pretty obvious that you want to be betting within the terms and conditions of the free bet to begin with. We’ll look at this in more detail later but you need to keep it in mind otherwise you’ll miss the chance to get a free bet. You’ll also need to remember that different promotions are going to work a little differently when it comes to placing your free bet.

If you have a free bet credit then generally you’ll want to place your bet on some fairly decent odds (something above 4/5.0 for example) rather than on a heavy favourite because you’re not getting the stake back you might as well make something from it. Other bets might give you a risk free bet which requires you to place a bet with your own money and refund it if you lose. With this you need to make sure you’re betting within the rules of the offer but you get the stake back.

Paddy Power Free Bet Rules and Terms

Because this will vary from offer to offer you can either check on the Bookie Monster tool or the small print of the free bet offer on the Paddy Power site itself. Usually it will give you some kind of time frame (when you need to place your qualifying bet and how long you have to use your free bet). It will likely give you a limit on the odds you can bet on as well.

If you don’t stick within these rules than chances are you negate your chance to get a free bet. Most (again, it’ll vary between promotions) offers are available for the best bet you place on an event which means if you bet at the wrong time or at the wrong odds your second bet won’t get a free bet even if you are within the rules the second time. Sign up to Paddy Power here and get a £30 free bet.

Paddy Power Free Bet No Deposit


The first thing we started looking for with Bookie Monster was the free no deposit bet offers where, you guessed it, you get a free bet without having to actually deposit anything. These offers are not always the best to sign up with because you can forgo the first deposit offers because of it and I’d rather have a £50 free bet with a deposit than a £5 free bet without one.

At the time of writing Bookie Monster does have a £5 no deposit free bet for Paddy Power casino. As simple as sign up and get yourself the bonus. You can decide for yourself if you want to do this or the first deposit one both are worth it.

There are sites out there claiming the no deposit bet is special and you only get it if you like their page and tweet their link etc… but that’s just nonsense. The offer is coming from Paddy Power and it’s available on Bookie Monster without all of that nonsense.

Paddy Power Free Bet Comparison

First of all when people ask me how one bookies free bet compares to another I can simplify the whole issue. Sin up to Paddy Power here for your £30 free bet.

In general? Paddy Power has some of the best free bet offers around for new and existing customers. They won’t always be the top rated and from time to time other bookies can have better offers than them but they consistently have some of the best offers around. I’m not saying they’re the best bookie out there but in terms of free bets and promotions you’re missing out if you don’t have a Paddy Power account. Paddy Power free bet here