Best Betting Sign Up Offers

Some of the best betting offers you can get are sign up offers. Also known as welcome offers these are given as incentives to join and are the easiest and biggest bonuses to use.

Bonus Codes

We cover a lot of reload bonuses for existing customers as well so you can always get a load of free bets but you should take advantage of every sign up offer you can. Seriously. You’d be crazy not to take advantage of these first.

What Are Betting Sign Up Offers

In a word they are incentives. Online betting is a competitive gig so bookmakers are warring against each other to attracts punters like us by offering bonuses and free bets. They have the biggest returns and are usually much better than the reload offers existing customers get.

It works out for the bookies (which is why they’ve continued to do it for years) because it attracts new customers to bet with them. And it works out for us because not only do they keep offering bigger and better bonuses and offers but you’re not locked into taking just one. We track hundreds of these offers and once you’ve completed one there’s no reason you can’t take another one. Or all of them for that matter.

No Deposit Sign Up Bonus

A no deposit sign up bonus is the bread and butter of sign up offers. While all of the offers are worth doing this ones require no deposit at all (we’ve already looked at how awesome no deposit bets are in the past).

Generally as soon as you’ve created the account (which is as simple as imputing your details) you have a bonus waiting. These can take the form of bets, spins, casino balance and sometimes a mix of the lot. Generally there’s a pretty high wagering requirement attached to these offers which means you need to play through the bonus money and winnings before you’ll be able to withdraw anything but it doesn’t hurt to try (that’s kind of the point of having no deposit offers) and there’s a lot of them to choose from so you can keep trying.

First Deposit Signup Offers

These are more common and while they do require a deposit they often have a much lower wagering requirement (if any at all) making it a lot easier to turn bonus cash into real cash. They also give much better bonuses £200 bets instead of £5 and 200 spins instead of 20.

Generally, whenever possible, you want to take advantage of the no deposit bonus then the first deposit offer and after that every reload that comes your way.

Sign Up Offers Compared to Existing Customer Offers

Don’t get me wrong there are loads of offers for existing customers out there. In fact we have a tab in Bookie Monster tracking them as well. But the fact is that bookmakers are far more interested in attracting people to their site in the first place so they give bigger welcome offers than reload offers.

An existing customer might have an offer to bet £30 to get a £10 free bet. This is still a great offer and a £10 bet you’re getting for nothing but a new customer will get a similar offer bet £5 to get £30 or bet £200 to get £400.

So while a free bet is a free bet the sign up offers give you a whole lot more so are well worth doing first.

Betting Sign Up Bonus Strategy

I won’t get too much into betting strategy itself here. Really we can put that down to experience and one sentence “get good bets on value odds” which means find a likely outcome with a good price and stick it on.

Betting is not about knowing the outcome (because that’s just not possible unless you’re a Russian gangster or something). It’s about dealing with the variance and getting your money (or in this case bonus money) in when you have an edge.

But for specific free bet sign up offers you can narrow down your strategy a little.

  • Check the terms and conditions and make sure you’re using the minimum odds (Bookie Monster will make this easy).
  • Don’t bet on crazy low odds like 1.1 1.2 the stake for the free bet will usually not be returned. This means a £20 free bet might get you 20p if you’re odds are too low. You want a slightly hire priced value bet.

The main strategy for this would be to get as many free bets as you can. It’s like getting a free lottery ticket – the more you get the better the chance you’re going to have. With a tool like Bookie Monster it makes it very easy to get a lot of betting sign up bonus offers and the more you’re placing on the better your odds.

In theory if you have a good value bet at a good price then your mathematically correct to get every free bet you can and place it on that one result. If it does come in you’re probably looking at a pretty good pay day (and there’s always more bonus offers to follow that up with) but this can be very high variance.

The lower variance (which will mean less big wins but a higher number of smaller wins) would be to continually find good value offers and spread your free bets out between them. But in the long run the best strategy is just to take advantage of as many offers as you can – it’s a numbers game.