Get Thousands of Free Spins No Deposit Offers

Ooh the bread and butter of casino offers – the free spins no deposit offer. But what is it, are they legit and more importantly who has the best ones?

We’ll also take a quick look at the strategy you can use to get the most out of your spins. 

What is a Free Spins no Deposit Offer?

So in case you’ve stumbled in here by mistake what are we actually looking at? Well a casino might give you an offer for free spins (which means you’re spinning the slots with a chance to win money without actually having to risk anything yourself) and this happens far more often than you might think. A no deposit bonus can take a lot of forms from sports bets, spins or sometimes just a casino bonus code. It’ll usually look something like this:

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The usual is a free number of spins. Sometimes this might be limited to a specific game like Rainbow Riches while the more generous casino offers will let you pick the game yourself. It can range from 10 spins to 10,000. Other sites will give you a bonus to play around with however you’d like and others will just give you a free play which means you play for hours without having to worry about it. The rules (and strategy to winning) will change depending on the offer they give you.

Free spins is as simple as they come though. Whether you pick a game you like or one that offers a good mathematical chance of giving a return (that makes it sound a lot more complicated than it really is. The reality is all you’re doing is looking for the highest number which the site will show you. We even have a list for you!) you just spin your free spins and you’re done.

Well, not quite. Even if you’ve been really unlucky your free spins are going to win something. If you’ve been really lucky you’ve hit a big win or even some small ones – either way you no longer have your free slot spins but you have a bonus balance from the spin winnings. You didn’t think we were just spinning those slots for the fun of it did you?

Again this will now come down to the no deposit offer rules from the site you’re playing on. If you’re lucky to hit a big win on a site with a low wagering requirement you can already withdraw it into real hard cash (or keep playing some more games or sports bets). Usually though we don’t get off that easily (though make sure you check our list because our best offer algorithm takes the wagering requirement into account.

Example: Coral might give us an offer:  “30 free spins no deposit required!”

casino free spinsSo we register an account for free (it only takes a minute or two) and the offer will tell us if we need to use certain games or not. It might give you a list of games to choose from, one specific game like the Starburst example above or sometimes you can just play whatever. You can pick a game you know and like, or a theme (I like playing the Game of Thrones slot because I love the show) or you can go by the cold hard math of the ones with the biggest jackpot. If you’re not sure which to play then have a look in the popular games, you’ll find the best ones there most of the time.

Once you’ve span through your 30 free spins (which will usually have a set stake of up to 50p a spin) whatever you win from those spins will show in your bonus cash balance. This might be anything from a few pounds to a massive bankroll if you’ve hit a good jackpot or bonus run. Now you need to wager through which means continuing to spin through that balance until you meet the wagering requirements.

You can have a look at the rules or TOS of the offer but to be honest the easiest thing to do is to check your balance every 10 spins and see if you can withdraw. You don’t need to withdraw the moment you can but it’ll give you an idea of where you are. Some sites will let you play with free poker money no deposit required as soon as you go through the spins. So do your 30 free spins and you could play poker or a sports bet with the bonus. It all depends on the site.

The short answer is a no deposit offer is a way for a bookie or casino to welcome you to their site and it’s a way for you to win some money without risking a penny.

Getting a No Deposit Free Spins Offer

Sometimes it’s as simple as going to their homepage and you’ll see a massive banner. Other times you’ll need a no deposit bonus code if you want to qualify for the offer (we bug them a lot into giving us on for you guys and you’ll see our codes on the list). If you’re already a member of a site many do occasionally do offers to give you more free spins and these can be great over time they can really add up!

Most websites have links to offers which no longer exist (they change very often) or offers which are just plain bad. Online casino’s will change their offers frequently and third parties can struggle to keep up. On top of this some they actually get multiple offers and if you do one offer giving you 30 free spins and another offers you 50 spins. You only get one pick – and our algorithm tracks the best. With some offers the wagering requirements might actually make the 30 spin offer a lot better (because you’ll get more from it) and we track that too.

The best way to get free spins (and get the most for your signup) is by using the Bookie Monster software. There are other third party services which offer (usually outdated) links or you can go looking manually but you risk getting worse offers and spending too much time hunting around.

Free Play Casino Offers

We don’t really need to worry too much about the semantics of the offers we’re doing. While some offers give x amount of free spins others will give you bonus cash to play for. This is still basically the same thing. It means you can play the slots for free but rather than having a counter of spins you have a balance to play with. It means a better degree of flexibility and can change the strategy a bit. Do you spin the whole £50 on one spin? Do you do as many spins on the smallest stake you can? Maybe somewhere in between?

Getting free spins can be simpler (spin what you get and take your winnings) but don’t discount the free play offers either. They can be very lucrative.

If you’re stuck for free spins and you’ve used all your bonus already you can either deposit into them and play one of their reload offers (which will also give you free spins and even bigger bonuses) or you can sign up with a different site. The beauty of no deposit offers is there’s nothing stopping you from doing them all. Start with one or two until you find the games you like then signup for every offer you can get your hands on. The more free spins you use the more chances you have of hitting a big bonus round. It’s like playing the lottery – for free.

30 Free Spins No Deposit Required Example

So I thought we’d take a look at an example offer and how you can actually go about taking advantage of it. Now first of all the Bookie Monster software does everything it can to make sure the offer is decent and worth doing but you should always check the terms and conditions yourself.

The first thing you need to get passed is there’s more to this than meets the eye. Don’t get too caught up on how many free spins you’re getting because the truth is there’s more to it than that.

The math is actually pretty boring so I let the software handle it but sometimes an offer giving you 10 free spins can actually be higher rated than the algorithm offering 100 spins and it’s not a mistake. If those 10 free spins have a lower wagering requirement than the 100 then it’s easier to get paid from it and therefore a better offer.

We’ll look at wagering requirements and things in a moment but first let’s take an example.

Say Bookie Monster shows us “Free Spins Casino” (totally made up) offering 30 free spins no deposit with a rating of 9/10. Some offers lock your free spins to a specific game so let’s say for example this is a Starburst free spins offer. Great. So here’s what we do:

  • Click the Get! button and it’ll take you to the signup page.
  • Fill in your (correct) personal details to create your account.
  • You may be asked to confirm your email and (sometimes) identity.
  • Free spins can be on various games or locked to just one. Say for example in this occasion our 30 free spins are for the Starburst slot.

So we open Starburst normally and there’ll be a small popup telling us we have free spins. Awesome! So hit accept (unless you’ve developed an allergy to free money) and with some games the display will change. Some will be like playing he game normally to start with while other games simplify the display down to the slots and a button.

With free spins you don’t have (or need) an option for changing the stake size or number of lines they’re preset with the offer. So it’s usually going to either display a dumbed down view or disable these controls until you’ve completed your free spins.

While some slots free spins might be worth 10p others can be worth £1 and this adds up the more spins you do. In general you want to look for the slots with a higher minimum stake size. This usually means better value for your free spins and worth looking for. But even if your spins are worth a couple of pence then that still giving you a chance at winning free money.

Now once you’ve used the free spins we’re not quite done yet. From a bunch of free spins you’ll have won something which goes into your bonus cash. When they offer you a 30 free spins no deposit offer they really just mean the first initial spins are capped at 30 but you’ll actually be playing with more than that because you’ll play with the winnings from those spins. The software will show the wagering requirement which is the amount of times you need to play through your winnings before you can withdraw.

If, for example, you go through your 30 spins and you’ve won £10 from a bonus round. The wagering requirement might be x3 which means you need to spin through £30 before being able to withdraw.

This is where you need to develop your strategy to getting through the wagering requirement and actually withdrawing real money from your free spins.

Free Spins Strategy

We’ve already looked at the strategy and techniques of free spins (you can see the strategy stuff in the drop down box above) but keep in mind than different slots may give you different values for free spins.


As a general rule of thumb if you have a decent bonus and a small wagering requirement you want to play through with small spins. Maximum lines and minimum stakes. You won’t be hitting any big wins but the idea is you don’t win or lose too much and you can grind yourself through the wagering requirements without taking too much of a hit to your balance.

If the wagering requirements are a little steeper then you need to increase your stake size because we’re going for a big bonus win. The goal is to build that balance up and then revert to the smaller stakes to get through the rest of the wagering.

Some games can change this a little. For example if an offer gives you Rainbow Riches free spins then you need to consider the game type. It’s a ‘jackpot game’ which means rather than a pretty even win/loss ratio it’s more likely to be a big win or nothing. For these types of games you need to increase the stake sizes and take advantage of the big bonus wins. You also need to deal with higher variance with games like this.

Some bookies or casinos might do things a little differently as well. One of the pretty standard offers is the bgo free spins for example who offer a lot of free spins for new and existing customers. They spread their free spins out over a couple of days rather than giving it all at once and rather than changing their wagering requirements they change the weighting each type of game counts towards the wagering. If in doubt check the offer information on Bookie Monster or the terms and conditions of the offer if you’re looking for them manually. You can then adjust your strategy accordingly if they’ve done anything different to the norm.

Lastly different sites will give you different weightings towards your wagering requirement. Usually sports bets are 1x and slots/games are the same and normally table casino games like roulette are only considered 0.25% or so which means you need to wager through £4 on roulette for it to be considered £1 wagered.

The most important strategy really though is doing every offer you can. Sure you can do one or two here or there but there’s no point in limiting yourself (again, unless you really have developed that free money allergy) so if a free spin no deposit offer shows up on Bookie Monster it’s worth doing.

If you’re going through a lot of spins my personal preference is to mute the client and drop the graphics settings so it doesn’t bog down my computer too much. Then after checking (and double checking) to make sure my stake size is right I’ll just hit auto play and let it go to town. Leaving it on manual can give you more control to change the stake sizes if needed and can be more fun but it does mean you can be at it for a while.

This is why an offer giving you 50 free spins no deposit is basically the same as an offer giving you 5 spins. You’ll see the limited free spin version of the game for a moment or two and then as soon as you’ve completed the first spins it all winds out the same way. Some people don’t think doing an offer for 5 free spins is worthwhile but if just one of those free spins hits a good bonus you can wind up with a bigger bonus. Not to mention they don’t take long to do and can be pretty fun.

It is important to remember that people pay to go to a casino or online site and play slot machines. We looked at this when we were talking about casino no deposit bonuses for fun and profit. There’s a lot of these offers around and playing through them all can take some time. If you’re not having fun with it then maybe take a step back from the strategy and numbers and play the games you like the look of.

If people pay to play these games then surely you should be having even more fun by being paid to do the same thing. This doesn’t mean you have to throw away everything you get on one big lucky spin but even if you are doing that variance is eventually going to come back your way because the return percentages are the same. The only problem here is that some bonus offers are going to limit your winnings per offer – this is why proper strategy is important if you want to play to get the most out of the it.

More Free Spin no Deposit Offers

So in general most of the no deposit offers are incentives for when you first sign up. The easiest thing to do when you’re looking to get more free spins is just open the Bookie Monster software, select another bookie or casino you haven’t already used and rinse and repeat!

There are also a lot of great free spins given for first deposit bonuses (again the math on this can be boring and complicated if it’s showing on Bookie Monster then it’s worth doing) which can get you loads of bankroll building bonuses for very small deposits (loads of value in these).

After that plenty of places also email you to let you know you’ve qualified for a free spins no deposit offer. It’s usually as simple as just logging in and opening the game they’ve given you free spins on. Sometimes this will be limited to the first 1000 people or something so you might want to follow the link when you get the email. They’ll randomly come in and the more offers you’ve got through the software the more of these free spins you’ll get over time.